The following chart shows acceptable supporting documentation to show Source of Funds: 


Source of funds
Documentation that may be require
Employment Income

Nature of business

Employer’s name and address

Total salary and bonuses for last two years

Confirmation of the information from the employer 

Tax documents if self employed
Savings / deposits

Copy of deed of sale

Land registry title deed

Property address, date of sale, value
Sale of shares or other investment

Sale value, date and method of sale

Copy of the contract

A statement of account

A transaction receipt

Shareholder certificate

A copy of the loan agreement

Date, purpose, and amount of the loan

Name and address of the lender
Company Sale

Copy of the contract

Company registry

Company name and address

Record of the clients’ share participation

Nature of the business

Date of sale

Any media coverage
Company Profits / Dividends

Copy of latest financial audit

Copy of management accounts

Approval from board of directors

Tax declaration

Dividend distribution

Name of the deceased

Date of death

Relationship to client

Date inheritance received

Solicitor information 

Tax documents

Date gift received 


Relationship to client

Maturity/surrender of life policy

Amount received

Policy provider, policy number 

Date of surrender
Other income sources

Nature of income

Amount, date of receipt, and source

Supporting documentation


  • We reserve the right to request further documentation if the documentation provided is not sufficient to meet the KYC requirements of federal law.
  • Certain documents may need to be certified or be apostilled